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November 06, 2007


Trying to keep track of 3 blogs is very time consuming!
I'm going to try and pull this one out of oblivion soon, I promise!

June 18, 2006

My knitting travels took me to....

I will be blogging at our store's website starting June 06.
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September 07, 2004

Another week of tedious finishing...

I'm working on customer's projects yet again: poncho and beret from Cascade 220, a pullover, cardigan, the list goes on and on... My son's cable vest just need one armhole band to be complete, but there is no time. Pics to follow tomorrow, new Devan is soming to town as well: Blue and Green Blauband Special Ringel.
Stay tuned

August 31, 2004

Another Devan

Just b/c I officialy joined Devan knit-Along, here is a pic of another Devan. This one was made with Lion Brand Magic Stripe and Dale of Norway Baby Wool. The colors in Magic Stripe are not as well defined and "crisp" as in other self-striping yarns and tend to interrupt each other. In any case, here is the result:

Most of the sweater and hat were made on LK-140 with hand finishing.

Hat Pattern:
The entire hat is worked in Stockinette.

Cast on ___sts. (easy math: sts. per inch x inches around)

Imake mine 16" for newborn, 18" for 6-12 month.

Work in contrasting color for 2".

Change to main color and work for 5.5".
Decrease row: Knit 2 together, repeat across
Next Row: Knit
Repeat decrease row until 4-6 sts. left, work I-cord for 3", cut yarn, pull through the sts. and secure from the inside. Sew up side seam, reversing the seam on 1" of roll up-hem.
Steam and enjoy!

August 30, 2004

I've been very busy working on customer's projects. Count: 3 baby sweaters finished and blocked; poncho from Cascade yarns on LK-140 and matching beret by hand. I have 4 more baby sweaters waiting for my attention. So, when do I have time to knit for my kids? I'm still trying to come up with a reasonable answer for this one. I did sleep 3 hours last night and will probably get around 4-5 hours tonight :-)
Here are some pics of my son's almost finished cabled pullover from Diana by Katia. I'm undecided on the neckline/armhole treatment. Options are: ribbing, rolled stock. or garter. I'm leaning towards garter, since it provides nice mitered corner for the V-neck, but... so does 1X1 ribbing. Opinions?

Neckline and armhole detail.

Cable Pullover Back

August 24, 2004

One more pic! I did make a mistake: the pattern tells you to add last 3 rows of pattern in duplicate stitch, I decided to carry and weave the yarn from the back instead, you can see blue floats under the white background. ( some tension problems were created as well)

I finally washed and blocked St. Anton. I simply loved knitting it! Steeking wasn't scary thanks to Wendy's Article in Knitty. (I did promise myself that if I ruin the sweater, I'll make one just like it on my Brother 940). I'm planing on making a matching one for my almost 4-year old (navy for te background with heather grey and cream design).

Here he is! My first ever Norgi!

August 22, 2004

OK, I admit...

I'm a bad blogger! My baby got 2 teeth this week and I feel like I ran a week long marathon (almost no sleep) and I don't get a medal!

I have finished (by finishing I mean:sewing together, blocking and sewing in zippers or buttons) 3 baby sweaters for customers this week and made another Devan from Lion Brand Sock Yarn and Dale of Norway Baby Ull (for a gift). The Magic Stripe from Lion Brand doesn't stripe well, there're many "blotches" (is that even a word?) of colors not consistent with the stripe. I find the quality inferior to that of other self-striping sock yarns. I made the Devan on my LK-140, of course. Pics to come...

The cabled pullover is almost finished, just the right side of the neck decreases and the trim left. I haven't decided on the trim yet, I'll post some pics tomorrow in case someone want to help me pick one.

Log off for tonight... It's 2:29 AM in NY :-)